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Longchamp is a luxury brand from France, founded in 1948 in the peaceful era after World War II. The brand logo is an elegant and agile Mercedes-Benz horse. Cheap Longchamp mainly sells all kinds of bags. On the streets of France, almost everyone owns a bag of this brand, and it is popular due to its “cost-effective” advantage.

The luxurious Longchamp is the first choice of many celebrities. Almost most people love the cheap Longchamp bags. It is also the bag that Princess Kate also use in the UK. Compared with other luxury bags, the price of Longchamp bags sale is relatively cheap, elegant, attractive and cost-effective.

The classic version of Longchamp Bag is commonly known as dumpling bag, with thick, wear-resistant and waterproof nylon cloth, which does not require too much clean. The design of the bag is simple and the shape is versatile. One of his highlights is its lightness and durability, which is also a major reason for its high usage rate. The capacity is enough to hold books and computers, and can be used for commuting and going to school. There are long handles and short handles, including small, medium, and large. Every season, 12 colors will be launched to choose from, which can be business or leisure, to meet the needs of women of all ages.

If a bag can meet all your requirements for practical functions, you may not care whether it is amazing, after all, most people are pragmatists.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bags

The name of the “dumpling bag” is Le Pliage Nylon. “Pliage” means folding in French. The design of the dumpling bag is inspired by the Japanese art of origami and can be folded into the size of a pocket book. When traveling, fold the dumpling bag and put it in the suitcase, which basically does not take up space. On the return of journey, you can put the light clothes into bags and board the plane directly.

No matter how good-looking the bags are, if they are as heavy as a brick, they will still be abandoned by most women. The weight of dumpling bags can be negligible. For shopping, going to school or work, and attending parties, dumpling bags are the first choice. A small size  shopping bag can meet basic daily needs.

The cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bag is equipped with a zipper and a snap-button cowhide flap, which is more secure than other bags without a zipper and can function better in crowded places. Although the four corners of the bag will wear out and the cowhide handle will become soft after everyday use, it does not affect its firmness.

In general, it is considered the most cost-effective bag among the brands at the same price. If you want to have a classic tote with large capacity, dumplings must be the most suitable bags for everyone.

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