Multi-layered design combining leather and metal

This bag comes from the classic series “Jypsiere” in the Hermes cross-body bag, also known as “Gypsy bag”. Different from the simple tone of other Hermès series in the past, its three-dimensional design full of neutral atmosphere can create a youthful and energetic atmosphere; and the casual style and metal buckle are unique. However, this kind of large flip cover design will be more inconvenient when picking things up. In addition, if the switch is turned on and off frequently, the leather surface may wear out quickly. Friends who care about durability are best to avoid it.

H-shaped basket empty logo with a strong sense of presence

This series is famous for its H-shaped laser perforated leather surface, and the brand is highly recognizable. Although it is light and compact, it has excellent storage performance, and the gender-neutral design is favored by many men. In addition, there are many sizes available. In addition to the compact models that are easy to carry, PMs that can hold A5 size and TGMs that can hold A4 files are also very popular. If you like it, you can also purchase a wallet from the same series to use it together.

The Evelyne series has a very long history and has successively launched three styles: I, II, and III. Among them, I and II are like this bag, and the length of the strap cannot be adjusted. Maybe petite friends will find it difficult to control.

Simple and elegant, suitable for all ages

One of Hermès’ well-known starter bags is often referred to as a “vegetable basket bag” because it resembles a vegetable basket. The almost one-piece full leather body is embellished with delicate and small metal locks. The elegant and elegant appearance is very versatile for any age group. The seemingly casual style of the light style, in fact, has a very good storage capacity.

Litchi grain calfskin is not only durable, but also adds a lot of ladylike temperament to the overall visual effect. It can often be seen in European and American celebrity street photography, and it will be more fashionable with the same series of silk scarves. However, the opening of the Picotin Lock series is too large, and it is inevitable to feel uneasy when going out to crowded places.

Approachable everyday casual style

Inspired by gardening supplies, the “Garden Party Series” is also one of the most popular starter bags in Hermès. Compared with other famous signature styles, the price is more affordable and easy to start; the casual style appearance, in the It is also very popular among the student community.

This bag has a large capacity and can hold A4 size documents, so it is very convenient whether you are going to work, going to school, going shopping or working on the field. The canvas material is wear-resistant and stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about using it every day. The lightly glossy leather surface is matched with the rustic canvas, which is elegant and generous without being too solemn; and the eye-catching tones are fresh and fresh, which can make you zero distance from your favorability!

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