Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Bags

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Bags

In 1993, Longchamp chairman Philippe Cassegrain was inspired by the Japanese art of origami and designed the Le Pliage bag series, which is famous for its light structure and foldable shape. Its durable and easy-to-carry characteristics make cheap Longchamp Le Pliage become one of the must-have bags for girls. This year, Longchamp Le Pliage sale will reappear with a completely new look. For the first time in collaboration with the design company nendo founded by the popular Japanese designer Sato Oki Sato, three new Le Pliage bags were launched in one breath. The biggest highlight of Longchamp sale is that in addition to being used as a bag, it can also be used as a storage decoration among writers.

cheap Longchamp bag
cheap Longchamp bag

There are three styles in this joint series. It not only retains the original simple and lightweight shape, but also has more usage methods and small ideas. The first cheap Longchamp bag appeared in a cube shape, with removable and foldable partitions added to the handbag. Not only can it be used as a storage box at home, it is also a large-capacity sturdy wide-bottomed handbag. The second model is a triangular handbag with a single handle. Longchamp outlet can be hooked on the wrist when going out, or hung on a hook or pole for decoration; the leather on the top of the handbag refers to the classic cheap Longchamp Le Pliage sale flap design, allowing users to easily open and put items in or out. The third paragraph is a round handbag. It was inspired by furoshiki, which was widely used to pack items in early Japan before Western-style bags were popular. Like furoshiki, this bag is convenient for storing items of various shapes and is flexible.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Bags
Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Bags

Triangle handbags and round handbags are available in S and L sizes. There are three types of cube handbags, S, M, and L, and the three shapes are available in light gray, dark blue, mustard, burgundy red and other 6 “colorful neutral tones”. With white or black handles, it has successfully achieved an elegant balance between nendo’s monochromatic aesthetics and Le Pliage’s colorful and eye-catching colors. In addition, the triangular pyramid handbag has launched a limited edition soft black lambskin style, paying tribute to the classic Le Pliage Cuir. Speaking of this collaboration, Longchamp’s creative director Sophie Delafontaine said: “I am very grateful to nendo for the respect of the original Le Pliage series. They not only retain the important DNA of the original series, but also use nylon cloth, Russian leather, flip design and foldable. Elements such as sex, inject new perspectives and perspectives into it.”

Longchamp – inspiration made logo

Fashion has never been as simple as wearing clothes or hats. It is a way of life. At the same time, it is constantly changing and constantly advancing a new way of life. It is precisely because this fashion will change our view of the world and change the world to me. view. 70 years have passed, and now when we talk about Longchamp, we think of not only refined leather goods, but also a lifestyle that keeps pace with the times.

As Philippe puts it: “Today’s Longchamp Sale is no different from the early days of development, always showing luxury in a way that keeps pace with the times. The brand has a highly mature and orderly global distribution network, including Longchamp bags. Multiple product lines including travel goods, ready-to-wear, shoes and glasses.”

When Philippe was a teenager, his father, Jean Cassegrain, provided design inspiration and commissioned the artist Turenne Chevallereau to create a classic logo throughout the brand: a galloping horse. For the past 70 years, Longchamp has been as elegant as the horses of the artist, on the road to innovation.

Longchamp Outlet is the result of the collective creation of three generations of the Cassegrain family. Its name also has an interesting story: in the past, Jean Cassegrain used to drive between his house on the outskirts of the city and the centre of Paris, enjoying the fine views of the last “mill” in Paris. The wonderful view of the Mill. The mill is located near the Longchamp racecourse in Paris’s famous racecourse. The mill’s elements happen to be related to his last name: Cassegrain is pronounced like “cass-grain”, which is reminiscent of the meaning of grinding grain; horse racing adjacent to the mill The field is reminiscent of saddlery, and the saddle is the origin of leather design. Therefore, Jean Cassegrain has set a brand name Longchamp from the name of the racecourse and closely related to the mill.

Lonchamp celebrate 70th anniversary sale

As a private family business, Longchamp Outlet has never announced its results, but it is estimated that the annual turnover may have exceeded 600 million euros. CEO Jean Cassegrain has said that the sales of ready-to-wear in China have achieved good results.

2018 is a breakthrough year for Longchamp, not only an important year for the 70th anniversary, but also a year of strategy centered on the US market.

In order to become a more fashionable lifestyle brand, Longchamp opened a flagship store on fifth avenue in New York in May, including ready-to-wear and footwear products, and launched the capsule series in cooperation with New York designer Shayne Oliver. At the same time, the American model Kendall Jenner, who is now in the limelight, is the new brand ambassador. From this autumn, he will shoot new advertisements. This fall, Longchamp will open another store in Los Angeles.

Regarding the two major events in 2018, Marie-Laure Dubuisson, Director of Global Communications and Marketing at Longchamp, commented: “We celebrate 70th anniversary in Paris and look forward to the next 70 years in New York.”

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Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage Sale Online up to 90 off

Longchamp Outlet hand join hands with Zhang Yuxi, Harper’s bazaar, bazaar in to present you a brand-new Le Pliage Heritage legendary handbag.

The Le Pliage Heritage Collection mini bag is made of large cowskin. The hard styling is more three-dimensional. The Longchamp bag is fitted with a delicate metal clasp. The overall shape is very simple, not sloppy, but more a few summer fresh. The intimate is that this bag has been provided with the royal blue and pink color scarf!

The second tip is to pair your Le Pliage Heritage mini bag with a wide shoulder strap.  And the shoulder belt is with bag mass-tone photograph echo, more temperament. The Le Pliage Heritage series mini bag with wide shoulder belt is more practical, and for this super small bag, the wide shoulder belt is not only a style, but also an opportunity to emancipate the shoulders.

Longchamp Le Pliage, which has a history of twenty years, is called Longchamp LOGO Handbag. The handbag also brings fame to the world. The Le Pliage Heritage series is a new product of Longchamp Le Pliage collection. The mini bag proves that “delicacy is no longer the enemy of simplicity”! It also allows Longchamp to have a bright spot on the packet. What are you waiting for? Click the image to buy now.

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