Cheap Hermes Bags Outlet

Herbag – a more casual entry-level bag

Price: below 20000RMB

In fact, there are still quite a few people who appreciate this bag, and it has also appeared in the street shooting of various star fashion icons for a long time. Most of the people who will use this bag as a cheap Hermès bag are because of true love. They like its large capacity, can be installed, light, and casual… Otherwise, most girls will still choose cute vegetable baskets, right?

The price is also entry-level, but it is far less popular than the vegetable basket. I guess the biggest reason is that the bag is made of canvas, right?

Common sizes are: 31 (31 x 25 x 10 cm), 39 (39 x 31 x 15 cm), and a huge 52. The design of this bag is square and big, and girls of normal height suggest that 31 is enough.

Roulis – the pig’s nose second only to Kangkang

Price: up to 50000RMB

This Roulis pig nose bag is also very popular, and friends who have used pig nose say that it is more convenient and practical than Kangkang! The design is also a fun and playful line in classic resistance. It seems to be square, but don’t be rigid, there is a risk of deformation after using it for a long time, and the cover is easy to leak, so be careful. The big pig nose hardware is very cute, so compared to the classic black and gray, many girls prefer bright and vibrant light colors.

The common sizes are 19 and 23, which are similar to Kangkang. It depends on which size is more suitable for your height~

Verrou – “Whoever loves it will love it” bag

Price: up to 60000RMB

In general, the plug-in package is not as popular as the first few, but those who appreciate it will be deeply trapped. The design of the mini chain is very beautiful, but it’s also very frustrating after carrying it for a long time. It’s a good handbag for formal occasions~

Common sizes are: mini (17 x 13 x 5cm) and 21 (21x 16 x 4cm). The mini has a mezzanine design, which can be classified into small pieces. It can be regarded as a more practical bag.

2002 – very young bag

Price: up to 60000RMB

The new bag launched by Hermès in 2018, there is a joke that the original intention of this bag is to replace Kangkang’s “cheesy and flamboyant” logo. The new design is quite delicate and pleasing, especially if the color matching is good, the whole bag is very stunning, delicate and classy! Compared to Kangkang and the chubby style of Pig Nose, 2002 is thinner, taller and bigger.

The common sizes are 20 and 26. I feel that 20 is suitable for girls of ordinary height. Girls above 172 can try 26 boldly.

Evelyne – Casual Gown Bag

Price: up to 15000RMB

Looking at the design, you know that you are going to take the casual route. In fact, when I look at the Evelyne bag itself, I will feel that this kind of shoulder strap with a long shuttle, the body of the bag is also a long shuttle, and the polka dot hollow design is a bit exotic…. But The upper body is really amazing, it makes people feel very friendly! Plus the price is close to the people, entry-level, recommended!

The common sizes are mini and 29. The mini is actually quite good, but the shoulder strap design is too long, and the bag is also long. A hobbit like me squats a little and the bag is almost to the knee…. The diagonal stride will be more suitable.

Garden Party – a must-have for hot moms in the workplace!

Price: below 20000RMB

Although I am not qualified to say anything, I personally don’t like this bag very much. I always feel that the appearance is more like a luxury brand bag… But the leather details of Garden Party itself are top-notch and impeccable, after all, they are Hermes!

Being able to pack is a major feature, plus the price is good, it is very suitable for commuting and new hot moms. Common sizes are 30 and 36, 30 is more refined and 36 is more atmospheric. The handles of both sizes are not long, which is more suitable for hand-carrying.