How to tell if a Longchamp bag is real or fake

Bags are necessary for people’s daily travel, and among all the bags used in daily commuting, the Longchamp bag is one of the most popular bags. However, fakes are rampant on the market today. Even the Longchamp sale, which are not so expensive, are being copied by many unscrupulous merchants. Thus, today let’s take a closer look at the authenticity of Longchamp bags

Identify the authenticity according to the logo on the leather cover

The logo is a relatively simple way to identify the authenticity of the Longchamp bags. The logo of the authentic Longchamp bag is very bumpy, and the horse has a strong sense of muscle. The biggest difference between genuine and fake Longchamp bags is the border of this logo. The bottom border of the logo of the authentic Longchamp bag is not rigid, and the horse whip on the logo is printed very clearly. Most of the fake Longchamp bags are not printed with such clear and delicate lines. Most of the fake Longchamp brand logos are either too lightly printed to see the curve of the horse whip or the muscle lines of the horse on the Longchamp logo, or they are printed too deep, resulting in the logo lines being too rough and rigid.

Identify the authenticity of the fabric according to its color and reflection

First, the overall color. Really Longchamp bags have a high purity of color. The color should be bright and high saturation. Fake Longchamp bags have a darker color. However, the difference is very subtle, if you do not look carefully it is easy to ignore this detail.

Second, the reflection problem. The reflection of the fake Longchamp bag is more serious than the reflection of the real Longchamp bag. Under the strong light, the fake Longchamp bag can reflect more light, while the real Longchamp bag, will not reflect a lot of light.

Identify the authenticity from the details of the metal clasp

The color of the metal buckle of the real Longchamp bag is more colorful than that of the fake Longchamp bag. Generally speaking, the color of the fake metal buckle will be more vibrant. Therefore, the fake Longchamp bags made to be lighter in color in order to be close to the real one, however,due to the lack of technology, the fake longchamp bag’s color of the metal buckle is too light.

Identify the authenticity by the accompanying manual

Although the instructions are the easiest to imitate, but also the most easily ignored by unscrupulous businessmen, after all, this is a paper object, few buyers will look deeper into it. You can tell by looking at the color of the instructions, fake Longchamp bags will have a darker color, the authentic cheap Longchamp bags will have a lighter color of the instructions.

Hopefully, girls can be alert to fakes and don’t get ripped off.

Longchamp’s highest-selling bags-Le Pliage

Since its launch in the 1990s, Le Pliage has been one of Longchamp’s highest-selling bags. In 2017, Business of Fashion reported that the brand sold 11 pieces per minute. The representative of Longchamp spoke up and it has sold more than 30 million Le Pliage handbags so far. Many celebrities are also carrying it. This shows its popularity, the eyes of the masses are discerning, so it indicates that the bag must have its advantages.

Longchamp Le Pliage sale
Longchamp Le Pliage sale

Longchamp Le Pliage sale is one of the more easily available bags sold by designer brands. Small nylon handbags start at US$125; large ones can reach US$190. It is in stock in all major department stores (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus) and Amazon. On all these sites, there are hundreds of comments, and most of them are positive. The number of comments alone is enough to prove its appeal. During the brand sale, there are even more luxurious leather versions and larger expandable versions for discounts.

In terms of price, it is not particularly expensive, and it should be acceptable to most people. Of course, once you own this bag, you will get its high cost-effectiveness.

Longchamp Le Pilage is an iconic bag

“Longchamp Le Pilage is an iconic bag that is timeless and attractive to people of all ages,” said Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s vice president and fashion director of beauty and accessories. “Our customers like this bag because of its functionality, bright colors and unique shape.” He said this sentence is justified.

Visit Longchamp’s Weibo or Instagram and any other official promotional sites. And you can see that this wide-ranging attraction is at work. Visit the popular Xiaohongshu app, and you will find that many bloggers are carrying this package, which is very grassy. As a top-notch French traditional workmanship, leading fashion design, lightweight and practical folding concept and affordable price, it is a good recommendation for many people. For teenagers and young people, it is one of the affordable but high-quality bags you can buy for the first time; for people in their careers, its size makes it ideal for transporting work supplies or on the road of travelling essentials. For a mother, it can also be regarded as a very qualified mother bag. 

cheap longchamp bag
cheap longchamp bag

Let’s take a look at an evaluation of longchamp together! Blogger Carly Heitlinger remembers buying her first Le Pliage 10 years ago. She has recommended it many times on her website, but many readers still struggle with the question of whether or not to buy this bag. “I think seeing me designing styles for Longchamps over the years and having them appear on my blog in all kinds of outfits from work-style looks to casual outfits for tourists in Paris-really shows its versatility. ,”she says. “They are true classic bags. And they are very practical.”

Good things are not hard to make people’s hearts excited. After reading so many good recommendations, why don’t you try one cheap longchamp bag by yourself?

A Practical Bag — Cheap Longchamp Bags

First, let us do a thought question: check all the contents that apply to the handbag you carry today: (it means which bag you carry today can include all the following bag’s funtions) wallet, briefcase, Beach bags, diaper bags, men’s wallets, overnight bags, travel bags. I do think no one can give me an answer.

Now you can listen to me introduce cheap Longchamp Le Pliage. It is a simple nylon bag with leather shoulder strap and flap. The bags of this brand are all made of this lightweight material. Its prices range from US$88 to US$145.

The color of the bag is up to you.

You may think that it only has solid-color bags for you to choose from, but it’s not. In addition to all kinds of solid-color bags, there are also very special two-color bags. You may want to ask what about the size you can choose, don’t worry. Longchamp sale has big and small size for you to choose, you can choose the best suit for yourself.

Bags are very popular among young people.

After all, for young people, a large and sturdy bag is the first choice for placing books. The local youth trend blog PopCosmo listed it as one of the most desired gifts for teenagers during the holiday season. At an average of $125, this is not a cheap package for a teenager. Some people call it an “investment product that will not go bankrupt,” which means you can use it for many years. Nowadays, customized products have become a special choice for everyone. The longchamp bag can also meet this demand of the public. You can customize your own longchamp on their website. If you want, you can choose size, color (the options here are endless), handle size and even monogram combination. But this also means that the price needs to be more expensive.

As you can see, many people are fascinated by it, even the famous people. It can match all your shapes by virtue of its simple design. When you get it, you can feel from the surface that it is durable enough to be carried with you. Although there are many kinds of handbags on the market, compared to other handbags, all its advantages can make you like Longchamp Le Pliage sale more. A people Heitlinger best sums up the loyalty of many people to nylon bags: “Although other bags may be regarded as classics, Le Pliage has something timeless and humble.” This makes it the kind of portable that you will always have in your wardrobe.

The most popular bag – cheap Longchamp outlet

Longchamp is a luxury brand from France, founded in 1948 in the peaceful era after World War II. The brand logo is an elegant and agile Mercedes-Benz horse. Cheap Longchamp mainly sells all kinds of bags. On the streets of France, almost everyone owns a bag of this brand, and it is popular due to its “cost-effective” advantage.

The luxurious Longchamp is the first choice of many celebrities. Almost most people love the cheap Longchamp bags. It is also the bag that Princess Kate also use in the UK. Compared with other luxury bags, the price of Longchamp bags sale is relatively cheap, elegant, attractive and cost-effective.

The classic version of Longchamp Bag is commonly known as dumpling bag, with thick, wear-resistant and waterproof nylon cloth, which does not require too much clean. The design of the bag is simple and the shape is versatile. One of his highlights is its lightness and durability, which is also a major reason for its high usage rate. The capacity is enough to hold books and computers, and can be used for commuting and going to school. There are long handles and short handles, including small, medium, and large. Every season, 12 colors will be launched to choose from, which can be business or leisure, to meet the needs of women of all ages.

If a bag can meet all your requirements for practical functions, you may not care whether it is amazing, after all, most people are pragmatists.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bags

The name of the “dumpling bag” is Le Pliage Nylon. “Pliage” means folding in French. The design of the dumpling bag is inspired by the Japanese art of origami and can be folded into the size of a pocket book. When traveling, fold the dumpling bag and put it in the suitcase, which basically does not take up space. On the return of journey, you can put the light clothes into bags and board the plane directly.

No matter how good-looking the bags are, if they are as heavy as a brick, they will still be abandoned by most women. The weight of dumpling bags can be negligible. For shopping, going to school or work, and attending parties, dumpling bags are the first choice. A small size  shopping bag can meet basic daily needs.

The cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bag is equipped with a zipper and a snap-button cowhide flap, which is more secure than other bags without a zipper and can function better in crowded places. Although the four corners of the bag will wear out and the cowhide handle will become soft after everyday use, it does not affect its firmness.

In general, it is considered the most cost-effective bag among the brands at the same price. If you want to have a classic tote with large capacity, dumplings must be the most suitable bags for everyone.

Choose the cheap Longchamp Bags you need and you like most

When the Elleme brand went to London with Little Sheep last year, she immediately placed an order with a neutral glance. It took a few months to get angry on the ins, she did not show off to me that she was digging treasure

At that time, there was nothing too suitable for small people, so I didn’t get in. Seeing this fresh bright yellow on the mini program is love at first sight, and the feeling of heartbeat is right.

Longchamp outlet
Longchamp outlet

The shape of Longchamp outlet is a bit like dumplings, it’s pretty cute, and the overall feel is French. It’s the kind of low-key and charming “atmospheric beauty” that can’t see the logo.

The texture is super touching, it is a very delicate calfskin, the leather is very smooth, as if it has been thrown away. The shoulder bag and hand-stitched handles are super sturdy, and it feels like you can carry it back to life in daily commuting.

You can use light-colored sweaters, silk shirts, and everyday jeans in my spring wardrobe.

By Far, it was still a niche brand in the past few years, so it has become a fashion vane in the past one or two years, and it will basically not be out of date.

cheap Longchamp bag
cheap Longchamp bag

Cheap Longchamp bags outlet

Before I buy a new cheap Longchamp bag myself, I also habitually open its official website to see if there are any new faces. This new light mint green instantly pokes my heart. I can already think about wearing a floral skirt for a picnic, taking a sporty look out of the street, or wearing a suit for daily commuting.

Moreover, it is embossed with lizard skin, with a rebellious tone in the fresh color, and the texture is particularly high-level when you look closely.

There is also the addition of this metallic color chain, which is a must-buy element this year. If you don’t have a bag before, you can also buy a chain and add it, and get a new bag instantly.

This year’s popular BV TWIST series, PRADA’s bowling bag, and Little Liffner Baby Boss geometric irregularities are the qualified facades of our family.

When it comes to the design sense of special-shaped bags, taking architecture as inspiration is an excellent way for everyone to accept the brand and highlight the cultural heritage of the brand.

This design is inspired by the arches in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, New York

Moreover, the half-moon shape is dominant in thickness. The front view is small and the side thickness ensures that the capacity is large enough, and the commonly used powders, lipsticks, and mobile phones can all be installed.

You can go to dates, parties, and commute to work everyday.

cheap Longchamp bags
cheap Longchamp bags

This is not only a special-shaped bag, but also catches up with the fashionable express of the chain bag with the matching metal chain.

One bag for three-purpose back method, leather chain is used for waist bag, metal chain is used for underarm bag, and chain is removed for hand…

And simple white is indeed versatile, like a cute collocation is youthful and energetic, and the bag as an embellishment is more attitude.

However, when buying a cheap Longchamp bags, choose the one you need and like the most. When consuming, you must love things more so as to avoid getting involved in the whirlpool of consumerism and have your own attitude.

Longchamp Le Foulonné bags Outlet

Longchamp Le Foulonné bags Outlet

Le Foulonné, born in 1975, is a classic product of Longchamp. In the spring, Longchamp launched two new dreamy spring and summer colors in the new Le Foulonné backpack series: youthful and beautiful baby pink and elegant and calm midnight blue. Among them, the baby pink series bags will only be sold in limited quantities worldwide in Longchamp boutiques in China. Only 200 pieces worldwide.

The charm of the Le Foulonné backpack series comes from the soft touch of the cowhide leather, the delicate grain effect and the new color combination. Whether it’s wearing skinny jeans with ankle boots or motorcycle jacket with a fluffy dress. The Le Foulonné backpack series can always create your own popular style effortlessly.

This fashionable Le Foulonné backpack series embossed crisscross textures on soft calfskin. Sleek lines and fashionable, casual feel make it an ideal urban bag.

Longchamp sale launched the new Pénélope collection in spring. This series combines cheap Longchamp’s unique style and exquisite leather making skills. The series introduces two new charming spring colors: luxurious terracotta and elegant sandy gray. What’s more, the new Pénélope Fantaisie series is a perfect interpretation of Longchamp’s distinctive style and exquisite craftsmanship.

Longchamp sale
Longchamp sale

The new Pénélope Fantaisie series cleverly uses the classic black lines and the bright indigo blue collision. Make this cheap Longchamp bag that combines sports and fashion more luxurious texture. The design is inspired by the works of art of two masters, Klein and Buren: modern graphic art is used in the piping, strap and tassel design of this top Spanish bullock leather package. Also, highlight its dynamic shape, highlighting the perfect fusion of fashion and leisure.

Therefore, the Longchamp Pénélope series is a timeless classic with ultimate dreams.

Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Bag Outlet

Since the end of last year, standing at the front entrance of the flagship store, the tarpaulin wall created by German artist Franz Ackermann (“Art Walk Series II: Traveling in the Woods”) has brought the brand to the core business district of Shanghai. new ambience. The brand’s vitality, innovation, and openness are perfectly echoed by the brand new exterior wall of the newly unveiled flagship store. The redesigned “Longchamp” exterior wall with a new design concept has attracted attention and is amazing.

Architecture seems to be issuing a bold fashion statement, and such an excellent design has become a futuristic work of art. Combining “prismatic” and “movie”, the original Prismatic design concept was to create outstanding buildings. The outer wall presents a soft champagne hue and is composed of stacked metal strips. The amazing 3D appearance and film effects are thus formed. The metal bar is hard and strong, but it seems to be floating, swaying in the breeze. When pedestrians pass by, ripples appear, as if in a dream.

The light also adds a little magic to the exterior wall. The design itself vividly interprets the contrast between aluminum, sheet metal and polished stainless steel. The prism wall establishes a brand-new visual image and represents a new chapter in Longchamp’s history of innovation. In this world of perpetual movement, Longchamp’s unique and cutting-edge brand new exterior wall represents the brand jumping out of the past and moving forward. ——Combine the superior tradition, creativity and fashion products of the family business with the elegant French style.

The brand-new Longchamp outlet has so far the richest and most complete product series in China: ladies’ ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, leather accessories, men’s and travel luggage series, etc., are displayed in multiple styles, aiming to present the brand’s innovative and refined French style Elegance and Parisian style. The main entrance of the flagship store faces the modern and prosperous Nanjing West Road, opening a window of opportunity to connect inside and outside. The concise and clear windows perfectly present the elegant and dynamic sense of the brand.

Stepping into the door, you will see a huge display table wrapped in cowhide with a map of the world carefully carved on the surface, emphasizing that leather craftsmanship and craftsmanship are the ingenuity of Longchamp. The Cassegrain family inherits the tradition of exploring the unknown of the world and forging ahead. In leather craftsmanship, it is not only a foresighted pioneer, but also a pioneer in keeping with the times. Customers in the earth table area can not only appreciate the new season’s men’s collection, but also get a glimpse of the season’s bag series popular with travelers from all over the world. The modern and modern leather goods series fully demonstrate the elegance of men and provide excellent luggage options for travelers who pursue quality.

Cheap Longchamp bags
Cheap Longchamp bags

Cheap Longchamp bags created the legendary Le Pliage series, redefining the travel bag. Thus opening the era of light travel around the world, and also passing the art of life from shining Paris to major cities. Today, the long-lasting cheap Longchamp Le Pliage bag is directly opposite the travel luggage area of ​​the flagship store. The rich products of the season form a colorful “rainbow wall”. Lightweight cabinets in bright tones create a subtle modern atmosphere. The limited edition Longchamp lambskin folding bag series are also displayed in the spacious and bright new flagship store, making this enduring star product even more shining.

Going further, oncoming is an area full of luxurious and elegantly decorated women’s clothing and shoes. Longchamp has created an exclusive wardrobe for energetic and confident actresses. Slim tailoring, light fabric clothing and warm-toned space design exude a charming modern femininity. The women’s bag area complements the clothing here, and the traditional leather-making craftsmanship blends bold, poetic and elegant. The colorful products are enough to express the different styles and unique unruly styles of urban actresses. The custom-made wooden niche displays the brand’s most representative legendary product-Paris Premier series, which symbolizes the brand’s Paris blood and its excellent leather production technology.

Since launching the personalized customization service of Le Pliage bag family, Longchamp sale has been committed to providing excellent products to meet the details, quality and individual requirements of discerning customers. The lambskin bag family, which is constantly innovating, has also opened up a special area display in the flagship store. On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Chinese flagship store, a new limited edition personalized badge design lambskin handbag was ushered in, and the world premiere in the Chinese flagship store. There are a total of 14 original badges to choose from, among which there are many designs of love, clouds, cats, etc., which are exquisite and exquisite. Customers can embed three limited edition badges on this lambskin bag to show their personality and add recognition to your exclusive lambskin bag.

Cheap Longchamps has always put ‘inheritance’ as the core of brand development, and is committed to seeking a balance between bright colors and refined elegance, which coincides with the Shanghai style of the city.

Five Bag Brands I Recommended

Longchamp outlet

I think if you are a student party or a career novice, a thousand-yuan bag can basically meet our needs for practicality. It looks good and durable, and the design is not bad. For example, these five bag brands recommended today:

1. Coccinelle

When I went shopping with my colleagues in Chengdu, I was surprised to find the Coccinelle counter. When most people buy this bag at a domestic counter, they always think it is a domestic leather bag factory with a foreign name. This brand is very common in Europe. This is a brand that every major department store in Europe has, and it has a very high market exit rate. Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio, British socialite Poppy Delevingne, fashion blogger GalaGonzalez, etc. have all carried their bags. The design of this brand is not particularly uniform. There are dark and practical big bags for mature people, as well as cute bags for little girls. Moreover, it belongs to the kind of brand whose quality is completely worthy of the price, made purely in Italy. If you are considering starting a bag with a good price/performance ratio, don’t miss it.

2. Longchamp

On the streets of Paris, I interviewed some French women and asked if they would buy luxury bags? A girl said bluntly, I like Longchamp outlet, its design and quality can fully satisfy me. The nylon bag of the cheap Longchamp bag is the first bag I bought from its family. It is really strong.

Longchamp  outlet
Longchamp outlet

The design of Longchamp sale is relatively stable, and it is still based on stable and generous, and there are few fancy bags. I like its color scheme very much, and it always has a young and high-level sense.

This brand is easy to buy, and you can buy it at many domestic department store counters. The price is considered to be the lower category of the same famous brand. Bags made of lambskin, although comfortable to the touch, are easy to wear off.

I bought a backpack some time ago. It’s super convenient, versatile and fits well. It’s also more suitable for a small body.

3, Tory Burch

So far, Tory Burch has just been established for only 12 years, but it has also achieved a model of light luxury. There are even many bags, which are very tory burch at first glance, and are also imitated by other small brands. This is a design realm that is difficult to reach at this price.

I think the design style of tory burch is very strong. And it’s very practical. This is something that big names are hard to satisfy.

This is the bag I bought when I first worked, and I have a soft spot for this color before it becomes popular. In fact, when there is no light, this color is still a bit dirty, but there is a kind of light that can shine. For quality, the cross pattern leather is a bit thicker than Coccinelle.

You should be familiar with this bag! It can be called the most typical and hottest style of Tory Bruch.

4, Coach

Brands made in New York are not unfamiliar to Chinese people. The once classic embossing pattern has really caught up to the time when the big logo was hot and popular, and it was also popular.

Afterwards, Coach changed its strategy and made various obvious improvements in terms of brand positioning and design. It should be a mother-level bag. In recent years, coaches have become more and more design-oriented and beautiful.

Swagger series, cute and lovable design, from appearance to material. This series has the characteristics of big-name bags, very simple and atmospheric, but also has the potential of It Bag.

This is also a bag strongly promoted by Coach last year. In order to rejuvenate the brand, they invited a large number of domestic actresses to promote their bags. Even the latest season series invited Chloe Moretz to endorse. Cherry blossom powder and mint green are especially suitable for summer. In terms of quality, its home bags are still very useful.

5. Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel’s red is a bit “simple and rude”. The most classic is the bucket bag. Black and red two-tone leather is its classic logo. Finally, there is no longer a “different army” that is no longer printed with LOGO on the street.

Mansur Gavriel was founded in 2012, and the first bag was released in mid-2013. In September of the same year, the fashion week began to max out. At the end of 2014, at the end of 2014, the photos were just revealed, and 95% of the inventory was sold within one hour.

The most attractive part of the bucket bag is that you can go wandering around the world by throwing everything into the bag.

Mansur Gavriel currently has six basic models, namely Bucket Bag, Lady Bag, Tote, Backpack, Crossbody and Wallet. Mansur Gavriel is no less difficult to buy than Hermes. The point is, its price is very close to the people compared to big-name bags.

Mini Lady Bag, the leather is cowhide, really super hard. They were all flat when they were just bought, and it took a long time to get the pleats out. But it is very stylish, the design of the bag is very simple, it can hold many things, and the skin is thin and not bulky.

In fact, I think no matter how good or expensive things are, they will vary according to your needs. The bag is just an accessory, it does not need to be mythological, and it is not enough to occupy all your savings and life. Happiness can be reached on tiptoes, and greed is the one who climbs the ladder to chase…

Longchamp Made Me Feel the Natural Vitality and Charm

Power and limitlessness, dynamic vitality and innovative development have always guided Shayne Oliver’s design philosophy, guiding him in the direction of designing product series and launching creative cooperation. These elements formed the overall concept of Shayne Oliver. And he also incorporated this concept into the new series created in cooperation with Longchamp. This time, Shayne Oliver, co-founder of New York fashion brand HOOD BY AIR, joined hands with French luxury leather goods and fashion brand Longchamp to combine the unique creative spirit of both parties to create a highly innovative selection of travel bags, accessories and ready-to-wear collections.

When Longchamp outlet craftsmanship and classic French style

Longchamp outlet
Longchamp outlet

Style meets Shayne’s avant-garde and innovative aesthetic concepts, creating a new and energetic selection series, presenting modern men and women with better travel equipment and opening a new chapter. The series includes leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear and clothing bags, as well as the iconic Longchamp Le Pliage foldable bag re-interpreted by Shayne, full of creative details that are refreshing. The new series of new products ingeniously interpret the classic proportions and silhouettes, subverting people’s accustomed travel concept. Instead, it uses creative interpretations with artistic techniques to demonstrate the essence of unruly and unlimited vitality.

Sophie Delafontaine, Art Director of Longchamp, said: “Although this is not the first cross-border collaboration for Longchamp or Shayne Oliver, the new collection with Shayne is also exciting and inspiring, and brings many surprises. Shayne’s design philosophy is integrated into Longchamp’s products is an exciting challenge, allowing us to create truly unique and creative products.”

As a designer, how does this collaboration with Longchamp sale help enrich your personal vision?

Longchamp sale
Longchamp sale

I like to challenge myself and break the rules. I think this is a kind of self-release. This collaboration is rooted in a strong historical heritage, and is interpreted from different perspectives based on people’s daily lives. This fascinates me and it also enlightens me. For me living in New York, Longchamp can be said to be one of the elements of street fashion. Many people have Longchamp bags. Longchamp made me feel the natural vitality and charm.

New York is my home and my eternal source of inspiration. And Paris, the birthplace of Longchamp, is synonymous with style, which brings me style inspiration.

What is the opportunity for this cooperation with cheap Longchamps?

cheap Longchamps
cheap Longchamps

The first thing that interests me in this cooperation project is the clothing bag. It made me think about the impact of travel on the series I designed in the past. I think travel is inextricably linked to the products I designed for my personal brand HOOD BY AIR. This inspired me to incorporate it into Longchamp’s design elements through the form of patterns.

What does the pattern symbolize?

HIATUS means “interval” or “rest”. The HIATUS logo is related to the stage when we just started designing the series, when I had to rest for a while. For me, that was the right time to start the series, because I wanted to reflect my life at the time. I feel that I need to temporarily disengage from the project that I was working on for a while. Focus on where I am going. The new “by Shayne Oliver” series came into being. Hand in hand with a brand with a long heritage and exquisite craftsmanship. At the same time, they have elements of my personal style.

Longchamp New York Store

Over the years, the lines between art, architecture, design, retail, and fashion have become increasingly blurred. As consumption remains a major theme in art theory, practice, and architecture, art displays continue to permeate public and commercial spaces, while retailers employ the most avant-garde designers. A store not only showcases products, but also the latest design trends. Nowhere is this more evident than in SoHo, New York, where Frank Gehry was hired to design the Issey Miyake store. The former SoHo site was transformed into an imposing Prada Epicentre. More recently, London-based designer Thomas Heatherwick designed a new store for the French brand Longchamp outlet, making his own aesthetic one of the many styles in the mix.

Downtown New York’s position as a fashion heartland is increasingly being overtaken by SoHo. The latter’s architectural appeal lies in its converted warehouses. A mix of steel structures and large windows, which are ideal for opening stores. While the overriding aesthetic of the past 20 years has been for lofts to be as small as possible, Hirschwick has introduced a sexier interpretation: wavy, soft windows, waves, curtains, and curves that frame a purely theatrical interior with an original and ornate charm.

The store is surrounded by a majestic opera house-style staircase, which best reflects its French chic. The stairs are like ribbons, flicking upward and forming ribbons again on the next step, creating a wave that draws you to the top, like a surfer on the crest of a wave. The rich, milk chocolate rubber flooring creates a soft, leathery feel, but even more surprising is the glass railing. Using the same aerospace technology used in the development of airplane windshields, this balustrade can be dented or creased.

The interior of the store is extremely soft. And this feeling continues upstairs, where strips of plywood slats peeled from the ceiling form shelves and booths, while rotating mirrored railings on the windows make the building sparkle. It is an extremely graceful and fluid space – no doubt inspired. At least in part, by the spectacular skateboard ramp in the interior of the Prada store, which also has a baroque, dynamic style. It’s a style that might also be seen in Frank Gehry’s Chelsea Piers project, currently under construction. And in British architect Zaha Hadid’s just-opened exhibition in the Guggenheim’s off-center section.

At the same time, the wavy, dynamic style, an identifiable element of the zeitgeist, also proved to be a central part of Hirschwick’s increasingly personal work. He made his name with a series of works that combine sculpture, design, and quirky British creations, such as the lovely retractable footbridge (which forms an octagon on its own) in the Paddington Basin area, and the 170-foot-tall, pointy B of the Bang, Britain’s tallest sculpture. In addition, he has designed a number of smaller products, including cheap Longchamp bags – one particular bag, with a long spiral zipper, inspired the interior design of the Longchamp SoHo store.

The cleverness of the design scheme is that, given that cheap Longchamp owns only a small portion of the ground floor of the building, it occupies the entire upper level. Therefore, the store design needed to “entice” customers to visit the upper floors, but not the obvious stairway trick. By using a layering approach similar to that of geological strata, Hirschwick creates a hillside effect, and the interior design culminates in a delightful ascent. While this may not be as extreme as the radical rethinking of a Prada store, it is still a subtle and elegant solution to a spatial problem. In general, the interiors of fashion retail stores tend to stand the test of time better than the products they sell. The interior design of this store is a delightful construction that should not go out of style for quite some time.