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The body of this cheap Hermes bag is canvas and the cover is leather. Hermes Herbag is a style that came out around 1998. There is a saying that the designer of Hermes Herbag borrowed the design materials of Kelly bag in the early years when designing this bag, but it seems that these two bags really look good. like.

Hermes Ille de Shiki

Inspired by the coastal scenery of the Mediterranean, this handbag looks a bit like a seashell!

Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag

This bag is full of modern urban style, this is the Kelly bag designed by Jean Paul Gaultier! Delicate zippers and buckles add a distinctive sense of independence to Hermes bags.

Hermes Lydie Bag

It is another handbag with an H buckle, which is highly recognizable. This shoulder bag is a bit like the Hermes Constance H buckle shoulder bag, except that the cover of this bag is V-shaped, and the retro temperament is also very strong.

Hermes Quelle Idole Bag

In 2000, Hermes released the Quelle Idole Bag in limited quantities. The image of “Little Crooked Mouth”, with small round eyes, looks cute. It has been increasing in value, and the partners who have bought it before have definitely earned it.

Hermes Rugby Bag

This Hermes handbag, like its name, is a football-shaped bag with a paperclip-shaped buckle at the opening of the bag, which is more like a square box when carried.

Hermes Voyage Drag Bag

This very historical Hermes travel bag style is really quite classic. The stitching of canvas and leather, and the exquisite edging are the biggest features of this travel bag!

Hermes Vespa Bag

When I saw this bag, what caught my eye the most was the horizontally tied golden buckle. The scientific name of this buckle is called “Chaine d’ancre”. This bag has a total of four models, namely TPM, PM, GM, GM.

Hermes Thar Bag

Don’t put too much hope on the style of the Hermes bag, hope it can have the style of Chanel, or the color matching of Celine. The reason why Hermes is always so isolated and independent is because it sells history and culture, which is unmatched by any other brand. For example, when you see this unsightly bag, you should think about how many mysterious and moving beautiful stories are hidden behind it. This is the key.

Hermes Sherpa Bag

The design of this bag is inspired by mountaineering bags. It is said that this bag was named after the guide “Sherpa” of the Himalayan mountaineering team at that time.

Hermes Piano Bag

The handbag that debuted in 1954 has a very long history. It opens in a W shape and looks like an accordion!

Hermes Garden Twilly Bag

This bag is one of the few styles with silk scarves in Hermes handbags! And there are many ways to use silk scarves on bags, tying them into bows or wrapping them on the handle of the bag is a good choice!

Hermes Lindy Bag

This bag is also a popular style of Hermes recently! This handbag was launched in the spring and summer of 2007. It is a style designed by a collection of African rhythm dance steps and European elegant swing music that was popular in the 1920s. Materials are available in cowhide, calfskin and canvas with cowhide and other styles.

Cheap Hermes handbags sale

In the history of Hermes handbags sale, there are countless classic handbags that can rival Birkin and Kelly. However, in such a marketing era where the “celebrity effect” is fancy, only those big-name handbags that can be recognized by public figures can become classics. Hermes Birkin is so, Hermes Kelly even more so. In the vicissitudes of the fashion industry, how many cheap Hermes are worthy of being known and understood by us.

Hermes Ellyne Bag

Popular shoulder bag, although I think it’s pretty ugly. There are four types of TPM, PM, GM, TGM.

Hermes Farming Bag

A handbag based on a milk jug that debuted in 1991. Really unique! This little style is too chic. Not only solid color models, but also contrast color matching models.

Hermes Kelly a dos Bag

This is the backpack type of the Kelly handbag, which seems to be better than the Kelly handbag!

Hermes Ilio Bag

This bag is really beautiful, with the golden decoration like the sun in the middle of the bag, the design of the buckle and the prototype handle is an absolute highlight.

Hermes Plume Bag

This bag is a basic model introduced in the 1930s, as lightweight as its name “feather”.

Hermes Trim Bag

The design of this handbag is inspired by the feed bag for feeding horses. It is the absolute popular shoulder bag of Hermes!

Hermes Jige Bag

This bag is a handbag named after the designer, more like a small lightweight handbag, simple and retro.

Hermes Dolly Bag

The golden ring on the strap of this handbag is very eye-catching, and the design of the buckle is also very unique, giving the impression of being classical and simple.

Hermes Macpherson Bag

In 1989, Hermes specially customized the model for the model Elle Mcpherson. The clever thing is that the bottom of the bag is a box that can put shoes!

Hermes Market Bag

Introduced in 1945, this handbag was inspired by the purse-style handbag prototype of the wartime material delivery bag.

Hermes Acapulc Bag

To be honest, this bag is really ugly enough to have no friends. . . . . . I don’t think of it as a handbag for now, just a bento bag. This handbag was released in 2005 and is made of nylon and cowhide. It seems that there are only three styles of black, brown and orange, but I would like to ask if there are any friends who want to buy this handbag. . . . . .

Hermes Depeches DPLG

This rectangular Hermes pouch looks cute and retro. This is a rare longitudinal briefcase from Hermes, which can be carried by hand or carried on the shoulder.

Hermes Drag Bag

This handbag is inspired by the prototype of the Doctors Bag, which is a handbag designed.

Hermes Eiffel Bag

The Hermes bag with such a business face looks so practical. There are 3 pockets of different sizes on the inside, which are definitely enough for you to put things.

Hermes Faco Bag

The design of this bag is so beautiful! In the 1980s, this bag debuted under the name Hexagon (hexagonal), and you will find that the buckle is hexagonal!

Hermes Feudou Bag

This bag is cut from a piece of felt. The classic H Logo reappears on this bag, which is a very light and attractive travel bag.

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Kelly – a must-have bag for celebrities

The personality of the Kelly bag is the same as its name, with the elegant atmosphere of the princess but without losing the affinity. Especially in recent years, everyone likes to keep the Kelly bag open, casual and delicate.

However, I remind everyone that the Kelly bag is designed with a single handle. Hanging it open for a long time will affect the shape of the bag. It is recommended to put the lock on the bag and then carry the bag.

Common sizes of Kelly are as follows:

There are also mini 15 and pochette that have been particularly popular in recent years! Absolutely an artifact to wear!

Kelly’s design Birkin is more delicate and restrained, which is the love of many ladies and girls. If the conditions allow, it is natural to accept both. If you can only consider one, I will not recommend it here. It depends on the preferences of the fairies~

Constance – a versatile and energetic Kangkang

Price: up to 60000RMB

As a member of the famous BKC of Hermès, it is naturally also in the queue for queuing, distribution and distribution. Being versatile and not picking styles is the biggest feature of Kangkang. The long one-shoulder strap frees both hands, and the slanted one-shoulder can meet various styles. The big H button is flamboyant and energetic, and it can cater to the aura of young girls better than B and K.

Common sizes are: 14, 19, 24, 29. The most confusing is 19 and 24. 19 can meet the most basic mobile phones, wallets, small lipsticks, etc., 24 can also put more powder, hand cream, in addition to seeing what you put in your bags every day. Then, considering the height, the shoulder straps are not too long, and it is no problem for a small person to straddle it diagonally.

In fact, this bag of Kangkang is also quite interesting, and has always been “disgusted” in the Hermes family. It doesn’t have the good birth and background like Birkin and Kelly, and sticks to an extremely publicized big H button to show “tacky”, but it is unexpectedly endearing. Roulis, Verrou, 2002, etc. are all styles that were once advocated to “replace Kangkang’s status”, but all ended in failure. This Kangkang, which has been rumored to be discontinued for countless times, has become more and more powerful and has become an expensive bag that Hermes and B and K are difficult to buy or even more difficult to buy.

Picotin – a recognized entry-level model

Price: up to 20000RMB

The vegetable basket, which was born in 2002, is not only very cost-effective, but also has become the favorite of girls because of a series of advantages such as casualness, practicality, cuteness, and affinity. For girls who are new to the pit but have a low budget, the vegetable basket must be the first choice.

It may not be a bag that you fall in love with at first sight, but it is really durable. After all, the simpler it is, the less likely it will be outdated. Coupled with the two super bonus points of brand and affordable price, it will really make people excited over time. Because the bag is really simple, many girls will spend extra effort to decorate it, wrap twily, tie bows, and tie pendants. This kind of intimate interaction with the bag is probably something that Kangkang and Kelly don’t often get.

Common sizes are 18, 22, and 26, of which 18 and 22 are the two sizes that make people tangled. Personally, I prefer 18, because the petite size has a playful and delicate temperament.

Lindy – the most genuine and sincere bag

Price: around 55000RMB

Lindy, born in 2007, was inspired by Lindy Hop, a dance style unique to New York in 1920. Unlike other Hermès bags that are tough and tough, Lindy’s design has the essence of this Swing Dance swing and vividness.

In addition, Lindy also gives people a very real feeling, with a hint of coolness in the vitality, many color matching are very easy to produce effects, showing unique temperament and vision. The most important thing is that this bag can hold it! Lindy is the first choice for girls who must bring all kinds of messy little things when they go out. Prices are acceptably expensive and not particularly tight.

Common sizes are: 26 (26x18x12cm), 30 (30x19x15cm), 34 (34x21x15cm) and 45 travel version.

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Herbag – a more casual entry-level bag

Price: below 20000RMB

In fact, there are still quite a few people who appreciate this bag, and it has also appeared in the street shooting of various star fashion icons for a long time. Most of the people who will use this bag as a cheap Hermès bag are because of true love. They like its large capacity, can be installed, light, and casual… Otherwise, most girls will still choose cute vegetable baskets, right?

The price is also entry-level, but it is far less popular than the vegetable basket. I guess the biggest reason is that the bag is made of canvas, right?

Common sizes are: 31 (31 x 25 x 10 cm), 39 (39 x 31 x 15 cm), and a huge 52. The design of this bag is square and big, and girls of normal height suggest that 31 is enough.

Roulis – the pig’s nose second only to Kangkang

Price: up to 50000RMB

This Roulis pig nose bag is also very popular, and friends who have used pig nose say that it is more convenient and practical than Kangkang! The design is also a fun and playful line in classic resistance. It seems to be square, but don’t be rigid, there is a risk of deformation after using it for a long time, and the cover is easy to leak, so be careful. The big pig nose hardware is very cute, so compared to the classic black and gray, many girls prefer bright and vibrant light colors.

The common sizes are 19 and 23, which are similar to Kangkang. It depends on which size is more suitable for your height~

Verrou – “Whoever loves it will love it” bag

Price: up to 60000RMB

In general, the plug-in package is not as popular as the first few, but those who appreciate it will be deeply trapped. The design of the mini chain is very beautiful, but it’s also very frustrating after carrying it for a long time. It’s a good handbag for formal occasions~

Common sizes are: mini (17 x 13 x 5cm) and 21 (21x 16 x 4cm). The mini has a mezzanine design, which can be classified into small pieces. It can be regarded as a more practical bag.

2002 – very young bag

Price: up to 60000RMB

The new bag launched by Hermès in 2018, there is a joke that the original intention of this bag is to replace Kangkang’s “cheesy and flamboyant” logo. The new design is quite delicate and pleasing, especially if the color matching is good, the whole bag is very stunning, delicate and classy! Compared to Kangkang and the chubby style of Pig Nose, 2002 is thinner, taller and bigger.

The common sizes are 20 and 26. I feel that 20 is suitable for girls of ordinary height. Girls above 172 can try 26 boldly.

Evelyne – Casual Gown Bag

Price: up to 15000RMB

Looking at the design, you know that you are going to take the casual route. In fact, when I look at the Evelyne bag itself, I will feel that this kind of shoulder strap with a long shuttle, the body of the bag is also a long shuttle, and the polka dot hollow design is a bit exotic…. But The upper body is really amazing, it makes people feel very friendly! Plus the price is close to the people, entry-level, recommended!

The common sizes are mini and 29. The mini is actually quite good, but the shoulder strap design is too long, and the bag is also long. A hobbit like me squats a little and the bag is almost to the knee…. The diagonal stride will be more suitable.

Garden Party – a must-have for hot moms in the workplace!

Price: below 20000RMB

Although I am not qualified to say anything, I personally don’t like this bag very much. I always feel that the appearance is more like a luxury brand bag… But the leather details of Garden Party itself are top-notch and impeccable, after all, they are Hermes!

Being able to pack is a major feature, plus the price is good, it is very suitable for commuting and new hot moms. Common sizes are 30 and 36, 30 is more refined and 36 is more atmospheric. The handles of both sizes are not long, which is more suitable for hand-carrying.