Cheap Hermes outlet sale

The body of this cheap Hermes bag is canvas and the cover is leather. Hermes Herbag is a style that came out around 1998. There is a saying that the designer of Hermes Herbag borrowed the design materials of Kelly bag in the early years when designing this bag, but it seems that these two bags really look good. like.

Hermes Ille de Shiki

Inspired by the coastal scenery of the Mediterranean, this handbag looks a bit like a seashell!

Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag

This bag is full of modern urban style, this is the Kelly bag designed by Jean Paul Gaultier! Delicate zippers and buckles add a distinctive sense of independence to Hermes bags.

Hermes Lydie Bag

It is another handbag with an H buckle, which is highly recognizable. This shoulder bag is a bit like the Hermes Constance H buckle shoulder bag, except that the cover of this bag is V-shaped, and the retro temperament is also very strong.

Hermes Quelle Idole Bag

In 2000, Hermes released the Quelle Idole Bag in limited quantities. The image of “Little Crooked Mouth”, with small round eyes, looks cute. It has been increasing in value, and the partners who have bought it before have definitely earned it.

Hermes Rugby Bag

This Hermes handbag, like its name, is a football-shaped bag with a paperclip-shaped buckle at the opening of the bag, which is more like a square box when carried.

Hermes Voyage Drag Bag

This very historical Hermes travel bag style is really quite classic. The stitching of canvas and leather, and the exquisite edging are the biggest features of this travel bag!

Hermes Vespa Bag

When I saw this bag, what caught my eye the most was the horizontally tied golden buckle. The scientific name of this buckle is called “Chaine d’ancre”. This bag has a total of four models, namely TPM, PM, GM, GM.

Hermes Thar Bag

Don’t put too much hope on the style of the Hermes bag, hope it can have the style of Chanel, or the color matching of Celine. The reason why Hermes is always so isolated and independent is because it sells history and culture, which is unmatched by any other brand. For example, when you see this unsightly bag, you should think about how many mysterious and moving beautiful stories are hidden behind it. This is the key.

Hermes Sherpa Bag

The design of this bag is inspired by mountaineering bags. It is said that this bag was named after the guide “Sherpa” of the Himalayan mountaineering team at that time.

Hermes Piano Bag

The handbag that debuted in 1954 has a very long history. It opens in a W shape and looks like an accordion!

Hermes Garden Twilly Bag

This bag is one of the few styles with silk scarves in Hermes handbags! And there are many ways to use silk scarves on bags, tying them into bows or wrapping them on the handle of the bag is a good choice!

Hermes Lindy Bag

This bag is also a popular style of Hermes recently! This handbag was launched in the spring and summer of 2007. It is a style designed by a collection of African rhythm dance steps and European elegant swing music that was popular in the 1920s. Materials are available in cowhide, calfskin and canvas with cowhide and other styles.