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Kelly – a must-have bag for celebrities

The personality of the Kelly bag is the same as its name, with the elegant atmosphere of the princess but without losing the affinity. Especially in recent years, everyone likes to keep the Kelly bag open, casual and delicate.

However, I remind everyone that the Kelly bag is designed with a single handle. Hanging it open for a long time will affect the shape of the bag. It is recommended to put the lock on the bag and then carry the bag.

Common sizes of Kelly are as follows:

There are also mini 15 and pochette that have been particularly popular in recent years! Absolutely an artifact to wear!

Kelly’s design Birkin is more delicate and restrained, which is the love of many ladies and girls. If the conditions allow, it is natural to accept both. If you can only consider one, I will not recommend it here. It depends on the preferences of the fairies~

Constance – a versatile and energetic Kangkang

Price: up to 60000RMB

As a member of the famous BKC of Hermès, it is naturally also in the queue for queuing, distribution and distribution. Being versatile and not picking styles is the biggest feature of Kangkang. The long one-shoulder strap frees both hands, and the slanted one-shoulder can meet various styles. The big H button is flamboyant and energetic, and it can cater to the aura of young girls better than B and K.

Common sizes are: 14, 19, 24, 29. The most confusing is 19 and 24. 19 can meet the most basic mobile phones, wallets, small lipsticks, etc., 24 can also put more powder, hand cream, in addition to seeing what you put in your bags every day. Then, considering the height, the shoulder straps are not too long, and it is no problem for a small person to straddle it diagonally.

In fact, this bag of Kangkang is also quite interesting, and has always been “disgusted” in the Hermes family. It doesn’t have the good birth and background like Birkin and Kelly, and sticks to an extremely publicized big H button to show “tacky”, but it is unexpectedly endearing. Roulis, Verrou, 2002, etc. are all styles that were once advocated to “replace Kangkang’s status”, but all ended in failure. This Kangkang, which has been rumored to be discontinued for countless times, has become more and more powerful and has become an expensive bag that Hermes and B and K are difficult to buy or even more difficult to buy.

Picotin – a recognized entry-level model

Price: up to 20000RMB

The vegetable basket, which was born in 2002, is not only very cost-effective, but also has become the favorite of girls because of a series of advantages such as casualness, practicality, cuteness, and affinity. For girls who are new to the pit but have a low budget, the vegetable basket must be the first choice.

It may not be a bag that you fall in love with at first sight, but it is really durable. After all, the simpler it is, the less likely it will be outdated. Coupled with the two super bonus points of brand and affordable price, it will really make people excited over time. Because the bag is really simple, many girls will spend extra effort to decorate it, wrap twily, tie bows, and tie pendants. This kind of intimate interaction with the bag is probably something that Kangkang and Kelly don’t often get.

Common sizes are 18, 22, and 26, of which 18 and 22 are the two sizes that make people tangled. Personally, I prefer 18, because the petite size has a playful and delicate temperament.

Lindy – the most genuine and sincere bag

Price: around 55000RMB

Lindy, born in 2007, was inspired by Lindy Hop, a dance style unique to New York in 1920. Unlike other Hermès bags that are tough and tough, Lindy’s design has the essence of this Swing Dance swing and vividness.

In addition, Lindy also gives people a very real feeling, with a hint of coolness in the vitality, many color matching are very easy to produce effects, showing unique temperament and vision. The most important thing is that this bag can hold it! Lindy is the first choice for girls who must bring all kinds of messy little things when they go out. Prices are acceptably expensive and not particularly tight.

Common sizes are: 26 (26x18x12cm), 30 (30x19x15cm), 34 (34x21x15cm) and 45 travel version.