How to tell if a Longchamp bag is real or fake

Bags are necessary for people’s daily travel, and among all the bags used in daily commuting, the Longchamp bag is one of the most popular bags. However, fakes are rampant on the market today. Even the Longchamp sale, which are not so expensive, are being copied by many unscrupulous merchants. Thus, today let’s take a closer look at the authenticity of Longchamp bags

Identify the authenticity according to the logo on the leather cover

The logo is a relatively simple way to identify the authenticity of the Longchamp bags. The logo of the authentic Longchamp bag is very bumpy, and the horse has a strong sense of muscle. The biggest difference between genuine and fake Longchamp bags is the border of this logo. The bottom border of the logo of the authentic Longchamp bag is not rigid, and the horse whip on the logo is printed very clearly. Most of the fake Longchamp bags are not printed with such clear and delicate lines. Most of the fake Longchamp brand logos are either too lightly printed to see the curve of the horse whip or the muscle lines of the horse on the Longchamp logo, or they are printed too deep, resulting in the logo lines being too rough and rigid.

Identify the authenticity of the fabric according to its color and reflection

First, the overall color. Really Longchamp bags have a high purity of color. The color should be bright and high saturation. Fake Longchamp bags have a darker color. However, the difference is very subtle, if you do not look carefully it is easy to ignore this detail.

Second, the reflection problem. The reflection of the fake Longchamp bag is more serious than the reflection of the real Longchamp bag. Under the strong light, the fake Longchamp bag can reflect more light, while the real Longchamp bag, will not reflect a lot of light.

Identify the authenticity from the details of the metal clasp

The color of the metal buckle of the real Longchamp bag is more colorful than that of the fake Longchamp bag. Generally speaking, the color of the fake metal buckle will be more vibrant. Therefore, the fake Longchamp bags made to be lighter in color in order to be close to the real one, however,due to the lack of technology, the fake longchamp bag’s color of the metal buckle is too light.

Identify the authenticity by the accompanying manual

Although the instructions are the easiest to imitate, but also the most easily ignored by unscrupulous businessmen, after all, this is a paper object, few buyers will look deeper into it. You can tell by looking at the color of the instructions, fake Longchamp bags will have a darker color, the authentic cheap Longchamp bags will have a lighter color of the instructions.

Hopefully, girls can be alert to fakes and don’t get ripped off.